Battery-driven Lifters

Intelligent Lifting & Moving Solutions

We make material handling more efficient

Our equipment, mobile battery-powered lifting devices – we call it lifters – are delivered to several different industries such as; Pharma, Food, Manufacturing, Retail,
Service & Distribution.

With our equipment, you are able to lift and carry  more, optimise workflows and eliminate  inappropriate lifting and handling.

Bartels Lifter CompactCompact
Capacity 60/100 kg
Bartels Lifter Impact 70Impact 70
Capacity 70 kg
Bartels Mobillift Impact 80Impact 80
Capacity 80 kg
Bartels Mobillift Impact 90Impact 90
Capacity 90 kg
Bartels Mobillift Impact 130Impact 130
Capacity 130 kg
Bartels Mobillift Impact 200Impact 200
Capacity 200 kg
Bartels Mobillift E300RE300R
Capacity 300 kg

In stainless steel for demanding hygiene requirements

Bartels Lifter Impox 70Impox 70
Capacity 70 kg
Bartels Lifter Inpox 90Inpox 90
Capacity 90 kg
Bartels Lifter Inox 200
Inox 200
Capacity 200 kg