Battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 – The most popular lifter

Capacity 130 kg

The Battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 is a powerful lifter that lifts, moves and handles loads weighing up to 130 kg. The model is Hovmands most widely used model, as it can solve a huge quantity of lifting jobs.

The lifter has overload protection, safety clutch and soft start for easy handling. For special loads or specific requirements, the lifting tools can be developed for the job.The Impact 130 can be customized to your needs with five mast heights combined with leg types in different lengths and various wheel options.

Lifter Impact 130
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Advantages of battery-driven Lifter Impact 130

  • 130 kg capacity
  • Helps protect the back and shoulders
  • Can also be moved under load
  • Jerk-free starting and stopping by “soft start”
  • Reduced clamping risk due to safety clutch
  • Low noise and maintenance-free thanks to the reinforced toothed belt

Delivery is in the assembled state without load acceptance – please order separately.


  • Available in stainless steel
  • 14 different tools
  • Up to 300 kg models
  • Special designs possible

Our consultants will gladly assist you.

Leg Types

Model 1 (Standard)

  • Central brake, leg length 500 mm

Model 2 (Center)

  • Fits into a Euro palett

Model 3 (Flex – Typ 1)

  • Type 1 – Adjustable width from 450-610 mm

Model 4 (Flex – Typ 2)

  • Type 2 – Adjustable width from 650-810 mm

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 L – Lifting height 1242 mm

Typ130 L130 L130 L130 L
Lifting heightmm1242124212421242
Mast heightmm1520152015201520
Dimensions L x Wmm842 x 554
Leg Type1 (Standard)2 (Center)3 (Flex – Typ 1)4 (Flex – Typ 2)

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 M – Lifting height 1642 mm

Typ130 M130 M130 M130 M
Lifting heightmm1642164216421642
Mast heightmm1920192019201920
Dimensions L x Wmm842 x 554
Leg Type1 (Standard)2 (Center)3 (Flex – Typ 1)4 (Flex – Typ 2)

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 H – Lifting height 2042 mm

Typ130 H130 H130 H130 H
Lifting heightmm2042204220422042
Mast heightmm2320232023202320
Dimensions L x Wmm842 x 554
Leg Type1 (Standard)2 (Center)3 (Flex – Typ 1)4 (Flex – Typ 2)

Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 130

More Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 130 – Please contact us!