Battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 – Elegant light lifter

Capacity 70 kg

The Battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 will enhance efficiency in your work processes and ensure health and safety. Impact 70 moves, lifts and handles loads of up to 70 kg simply and efficiently.

Impact 70 is easy to use with the Commander fingertip control switchgear, which makes it possible to operate the lifter from many positions. The lifter is equipped with overload protection and a safety clutch. To meet individual requirements, the Impact 70 offers the opportunity of combiningfour different leg types with three mast heights and more than 15 different tools.

Lifter Impact 70
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Advantages of battery-driven Lifter Impact 70

  • Load capacity 70 kg
  • Ideal for easy lifting even under load
  • Compact design with low dead weight
  • Improve ergonomics and increase overall efficiency in the workplace
  • Reduced clamping risk due to safety clutch

Delivery is in the assembled state without load acceptance – please order separately.


  • Available in stainless steel
  • 15 different tools
  • Special designs possible

Our consultants will gladly assist you.

Leg Types

Ausführung 1 (truck)

  • Use as handtruck. Available for Impact 70 S

Ausführung 2 (straight)

  • Fits into a Euro pallet. Available for Impact 70 S/L

Ausführung 3 (angled)

  • Improves stability

Ausführung 4 (box)

  • Wide legs for box handling

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 S – Lifting height 985 mm

Typ70 S70 S70 S70 S
Lifting heightmm985985985985
Mast heightmm1225122512251225
Dimensions L x Wmm721 x 450687 x 455677 x 455748 x 560
Leg Type1 (truck)2 (straight)3 (angled)4 (box)

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 L – Lifting height 1285 mm

Typ70 L70 L70 L
Lifting heightmm151715171517
Mast heightmm128512851285
Dimensions L x Wmm687 x 455677 x 455748 x 560
Leg Type2 (straight)3 (angled)4 (box)

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 M – Lifting height 1685 mm

Typ70 M70 M
Lifting heightmm16851685
Mast heightmm19171917
Dimensions L x Wmm677 x 455748 x 560
Leg Type3 (angled)4 (box)

Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 70

More Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 70 – Please contact us!