Battery-driven Lifter Impact 80 – light all-round lifter

Capacity 80 kg

The Battery-driven Lifter Impact 80 is a reliable lifter designed for lifting and moving various items, such as reels or boxes weighing up to 80 kg.The lifter is working noiseless, has built-in charger and battery indicator. The quick change adapter make it possible and easy to use one lifter with several tools, which provides high flexibility in the daily workflow.

A quick-change adapter enables the use of different tools on a lever pin, which makes daily workflows more flexible and cost-effective.

Lifter Impact 80
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Advantages of battery-driven Lifter Impact 90

  • 90 kg capacity
  • Helps protect the back and shoulders
  • Can also be moved under load
  • Jerk-free starting and stopping by “soft start”
  • Reduced clamping risk due to safety clutch
  • Low noise and maintenance-free thanks to the reinforced toothed belt

Delivery is in the assembled state without load acceptance – please order separately.


  • Available in stainless steel
  • 14 different tools
  • Up to 300 kg models
  • Special designs possible

Our consultants will gladly assist you.

Leg Types

Model 1 (Standard)

  • Central brake, leg length 500 mm

Model 2 (Center)

  • Fits into a Euro palett

Model 3 (Flex – Typ 1)

  • Type 1 – Adjustable width from 450-610 mm

Model 4 (Flex – Typ 2)

  • Type 2 – Adjustable width from 650-810 mm

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 80 L – Lifting height 1242 mm

Typ80 L80 L80 L80 L
Lifting heightmm1242124212421242
Mast heightmm1520152015201520
Dimensions L x Wmm848 x 514
Leg Type1 (Standard)2 (Center)3 (Flex – Typ 1)4 (Flex – Typ 2)

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Impact 80 M – Lifting height 1642 mm

Typ80 M80 M80 M80 M
Lifting heightmm1642164216421642
Mast heightmm1920192019201920
Dimensions L x Wmm848 x 514
Leg Type1 (Standard)2 (Center)3 (Flex – Typ 1)4 (Flex – Typ 2)

Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 80

More Tools for battery-driven Lifter Impact 80 – Please contact us!