Battery-driven lifter Inox 200 – Powerful lifter in stainless steel

Capacity 200 kg

The Battery-driven lifter Inox 200 is made of electropolished stainless steel and handles loads up to 200 kg. It is designed for demanding environments as in pharma and food industries, where production equipment is subject to strict hygiene and cleaning requirements (IP66).

The INOX 200 can be equipped with manual or electrical tools for handling of e.g. reels, boxes or drums depending on the requirements. All tools for the INOX 200 are made of stainless steel and available in various sizes.


Advantages of battery-driven lifter Inox 200

  • 200 kg capacity
  • Designed for industries with high requirements for cleanliness and hygiene (IP66)
  • Ideal for easy lifting even under load
  • Improve ergonomics and increase overall efficiency in the workplace
  • Reduced clamping risk due to safety clutch


Der INOX 200 wird aus elektropoliertem Edelstahl hergestellt. Für eine vereinfachte Handhabung von Rollen, Kisten oder Fässern, kann das Modell mit elektrischen oder manuellen Bedienungswerkzeugen ausgestattet werden. Der Hebelift entspricht den notwendigen Hygiene- und Sauberkeitsanforderungen (IP66).


Delivery is in the assembled state without load acceptance – please order separately.


  • 10 tools
  • Special designs possible

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Leg Types

Model 1

  • Fits inside a Euro pallet. Length 500 mm, width inside 470 mm

Model 2

  • Fits inside a Euro pallet. Length 650 mm, width inside 470 mm

Model 3

  • Fits inside a Euro pallet. Length 850 mm, width inside 470 mm

Model 4

  • Fits inside a Euro pallet. Length 500 mm, swivel wheels (max 130 kg)

Model 5

  • Fits inside a Euro pallet. Length 650 mm, swivel wheels (max 130 kg)

Model 6

  • Fits outside a Euro pallet. Length 800 mm, width inside 890 mm

Technical specifications for battery-driven Lifter Inox 200

TypInox 200 SInox 200 LInox 200 M
Lifting heightmm122815982028
Mast heightmm161019802410
BatteriesV / AH24/924/924/9
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Tools for battery-driven Lifter Inox 200