Pallet Changer Pallet X

Fast pallet change at floor level with the new Pallet X Pallet Changer.

Thanks to the Pallet X, the transfer of the complete pallet content is possible in less than 90 seconds with only one person.

Pallet Changer Pallet X
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Advantages of the Pallet X Pallet Changer

  • Cost-effective pallet exchange at floor level
  • Depending on the model, up to 80 pallet changes per hour are possible
  • Transfer of the complete pallet content in less than 90 seconds with only one person
  • No more “overhead turning” of the pallet necessary
  • More efficient and safer than conventional pallet changing systems
  • Space-saving due to minimal floor space
  • Can be operated by only one person
  • Eliminates crate damage or contamination by pushing products off the pallet

Two versions available

  • Modell 1 clamps non-flexible goods such as cartons or rigid packs with two plates using compressed air without damaging them.
  • Modell 2 is used for more flexible and heavier goods, which clamps the goods on all four sides and is operated with combined compressed air and electricity.
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