Stair Climber Buddy Lift – Ideal for light loads

Load capacity 120 & 160 kg

Since 1938 tradition and innovation have been very important to us here at Bartels. This we share with the Italian company Zonzini, who has followed these principles for over 40 years.

All potential buyers and users of stair climbers benefit from our collaboration with Zonzini since 2015. Our combined experience in this field promises a lasting and successful cooperation. All service and maintenance of Zonzini stair climbers are carried out by Bartels as well. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.
Stair Climber Buddy Lift
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Advantages of the Stair Climber Buddy Lift

  • Reduced driving space
    Electrical lifting of the load: the turning space on the landing has never been so small. Lifting the load means going practically everywhere.
  • Variable centre of gravity
    When going up the stairs, you can change the centre of gravity of the load at any time for greater comfort.
  • Autonomous loading and unloading
    Goods can be loaded and unloaded autonomously and effortlessly from the vehicle by a single operator.
  • Non-marking wheels
    Buddy Lift is equipped with non-marking pneumatic wheels.
  • Front stabilizers
    Front and removable stabilizers, equipped with swivel wheels to make the device steadier on flat surfaces.
  • More than 26 cm
    It can climb steps up to 26 cm high.
  • Automatic positioning
    Automatic positioning of the feet both up and down the stairs
  • Weight sensor
    Weight sensor for going down the stairs, making the manoeuvre automatic
  • Foldable structure
    Practical and handy. The structure is foldable.

An easy-to-use model with reduced overall size

The Buddy Lift stair climber has a practical and handy design. Its structure becomes foldable and it reduces the overall size of the trolley to just 99 cm. It allows electrical lifting of the load up to 80 cm. Compared to traditional stair climbers with a fixed base on the ground, it is significantly easier to use. In fact, Buddy Lift improves load balancing on the stairs, allows turning on even narrower landings compared to traditional trolleys, and allows a single operator to unload goods directly from the van.

“Soft touch” technology

Buddy Lift is equipped with support feet featuring “soft touch” technology. This technology allows the feet to automatically “recognise” the surface of the step and to decrease speed for gentle support when going from one step to the next. The up and down mechanism always holds itself to a 5 cm surface inside the step, thereby preventing any slips or damage.

Loading and unloading from the van

Buddy Lift has been designed to let just one person perform the loading and unloading operations of goods from a van with no effort.


A variety of accessories is available for the Stair Climber Buddy.

Customisable base

The base can be customised depending on the customer’s needs.

Additional battery box
To increase work autonomy. By exchanging the original battery box with the additional one, autonomy is practically unlimited.

Vehicle battery charger
Vehicle battery charger to charge the battery even when travelling.

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Service & Consulting

We attach great importance to excellent service and technical support for your products. As the only certified Zonzini partner in Germany, we can therefore offer you the best after-sales service (maintenance, repairs and spare parts) for all your Zonzini stair climbers.

Technical specifications

Stair Climber Buddy 120Stair Climber Buddy 160
Load capacity120 kg160 kg
Total height1.510 mm1.510 mm
Frame width330 mm330 mm
Total width530 mm530 mm
Charger220V / 24A220V / 24A
Weight33 kg incl. battery33 kg incl. battery
Battery lifeAbout 500 steps up the stairs, about 1.000 steps down the stairsAbout 300 steps up the stairs, about 600 steps down the stairs

Standard equipment

Buddy Lift is always equipped with 1 strap to tie the load, 1 battery pack provided as standard, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24V, 2 forks 22 cm. depth for load support, and 1 removable stabilizer with swivel wheels.