Tafelregal TR
Gewicht max. 5.000 kg

Flat Pallet Rack TR

The Flat Pallet Rack TR is captivating by its compact steel construction and is particularly space-saving.

The Flat Pallet Rack TR is bolted or welded, depending on the size of the installation. For wide sheets and removal using the crane, the partition can be designed for walking on, in order to make it easy to attach the sheet to be removed to the crane.
Flat Pallet Rack TR
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Advantages of the Flat Pallet Rack TR for sheets

  • Individual storage
    Ideal for the storage of individual sheet plates
  • Vertical storage and removal
    By crane or manually
  • Quick access
    Direct access to material possible

Custom-made Flat Pallet Rack TR

Custom formats, different number of shelves and accessories for formats such as 2.500 x 1.250 mm and up to 2.000 x 1.000 mm possible. We are happy to consult you, and plan and produce your individual flat pallet rack.

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Accessories for Flat Pallet Rack TR

  • Shelf labels
  • Wooden planking
  • Various colours / custom paint coats in all RAL colours

Safety thanks to rack inspection

The Flat Pallet Rack TR requires mandatory inspection. As safety is always a top priority, we offer rack inspections according to DIN EN 15635. Serious accidents and high repair costs can be avoided by effectively preventing damage to the storage equipment! Our TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate) certified rack checker provides the annual safety check for your warehouse equipment in accordance with DIN EN 15635 according to BGR 234. Learn more about the rack inspection.