Quality assurance

Bartels quality assurance

We offer you the following certifications

  • DIN EN 1090 – Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures – Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components, and
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-3 – Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 3: Standard quality requirements.

bartels-sms-siegelWe have also had our occupational protection system tested successfully and were awarded with the quality seal “Sicher mit System (SmS)” (Safe with System) at the regional meeting of the occupational association on 11.04.2014. Until 2017, this quality seal will now stand for a certified occupational protection management system in our company.
The advantages of our occupational safety system are the controllability and our regular internal management reviews which easily show areas where action is required.
The clear and transparent structure of our safety processes and the regulated distribution of tasks reflects the transparency of all competencies.