flachpalettenmagazin taschen integriert palette ausserhalb 03
Breite max. 6.200 mm
Höhe min. 40 mm
Tiefe max. 2.500 mm
Gewicht max. 3.000 kg

Flat Pallet Magazine

Plate material can be stored centrally using the Bartels Flat Pallet Magazine.

The result is a clearly arranged magazine storage. It required, the respective pallet of the magazine is pulled out and directly supplied directly at the machine. The pallets can be stacked up to 6-fold at the machine.
Flat Pallet Magazine
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Advantages of the Flat Pallet Magazine

  • Can be stacked with products at the machine up to 6-fold
  • Clear storage of magazines
  • Storage, transportation, supply
  • Plate material stored centrally, fully extendible
  • Individual access to plate material directly at the machine by pulling out the pallet
  • 6 pallets per magazine, can be taken out and put aside

Custom-made Flat Pallet Magazine

If you need to store special materials or certain spatial requirements must be met, our consulting engineers will be happy to create individual concepts for you. To specify your request you may use our inquiry form.

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Accessories for Drawer Rack for sheets

  • Number of storage shelves
  • Roof level
  • Buffer storage, access on both sides
  • Various colours / custom paint coats in all RAL colours
  • Custom dimensions
  • Depalletiser

Safety thanks to rack inspection

The Flat Pallet Magazine requires mandatory inspection. As safety is always a top priority, we offer rack inspections according to DIN EN 15635. Serious accidents and high repair costs can be avoided by effectively preventing damage to the storage equipment! Our TÜV (German Technical Inspectorate) certified rack checker provides the annual safety check for your warehouse equipment in accordance with DIN EN 15635 according to BGR 234. Learn more about the rack inspection.