Treppensteiger XSTO Faltbar
Treppensteiger XSTO

Stair Climber XSTO ZW7170G and ZW7170GF (Foldable)

Load capacity 170 kg

The stair climber XSTO ZW7170 combines the handiness of a stair truck with the comfort of an all-round stair climber. The ZW7170 can be operated by just one person. It is ideal for transporting goods of all kinds over stairs and terrain. Also bulky goods such as stoves, copiers or refrigerators are no problem for this stair climber.

The XSTO ZW7170GF is foldable and therefore perfect for transport and field service. When folded, it has a height of only 780 mm.

With one battery charge, the stair climbers transport your load up to 1,700 steps up and down. The climbing speed is 24 or 39 steps/min depending on the setting.

Treppensteiger XSTO ZW7170G und ZW7170GF (Faltbar)
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Advantages of the Stair Climber XSTO ZW7170G and ZW7170GF

  • 170 kg load capacity
  • Electric motor
  • Fast plug lithium-ion battery with charge indicator and quick charge function
  • Fully foldable frame to reduce space requirements to a minimum
  • High-strength corrosion-protected aluminium frame
  • Brake for safe transport on the stairs
  • Adjustable handle
  • Sealed design, dust and splashproof to IP54
  • Solid rubber tyres, fireproof and explosion-proof


A variety of accessories is available for the XSTO Stair Climber. Our consultants will gladly assist you. Please send us a message.

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Service & Consulting

We attach great importance to excellent service and technical support for your products. We offer you the best after-sales service (maintenance, repairs and spare parts) for all your stair climbers.

Technical specifications XSTO Stair Climbers

Stair Climber XSTO ZW7170GStair Climber XSTO ZW7170GF Foldable
Load Capacity170 kg170 kg
Weight27,5 kg27,5 kg
Weight of Battery3 kg3 kg
Climbing Speed slow24 Stairs/Min.24 Stairs/Min.
Climbing Speed fast39 Stairs/Min.39 Stairs/Min.
Downstairs automatic brake systemJaJa
Wheels304,8 mm/12 Inch304,8 mm/12 Inch
Height of Stairssmaller than 210 mmsmaller than 210 mm
Battery48V/8.8Ah Lithium Battery48V/8.8Ah Lithium Battery
Charging Time2.5 hours2.5 hours
Charging Voltage110-240 V110-240 V
Operating voltage48V48V
Battery Capacity Approx.approx. 1,200 – 1,800 Stairsapprox. 1,200 – 1,800 Stairs
Dimensions B x T x H545 x 540 x 1,590 mm545 x 540 x 1,590 mm
Dimensions folded W x D x H545 x 308 x 1,180 mm545 x 308 x 1,180 mm
Dimensions complete folded W x D x H545 x 308 x 780 mm
Operating noise dBless than 70dBless than 70dB
Item No.330.180330.181

Standard equipment

The stair climbers are equipped with a belt for fastening the load, a battery pack as standard and an automatic battery charger.