Stair Climber Skipper New Generation

Load capacity 160, 300 & 400 kg

Since 1938 tradition and innovation have been very important to us here at Bartels. This we share with the Italian company Zonzini, who has followed these principles for over 40 years.

All potential buyers and users of stair climbers benefit from our collaboration with Zonzini since 2015. Our combined experience in this field promises a lasting and successful cooperation. All service and maintenance of Zonzini stair climbers are carried out by Bartels as well. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.
Stair Climber Skipper New Generation
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Treppensteiger Skipper

Advantages of the Stair Climber Skipper New Generation

  • Small turning circle
  • Can also be used without problems on steep, irregular and high steps and on spiral staircases
  • No marks and scratches and no slipping on the stairs
  • Inclined position of the load on the stairs can be adjusted
  • Control with one finger
  • Movement on flat surfaces
  • Movement in narrow spaces
  • Weight relief, does not need to be balanced
  • Variable inclination

The new reference for high loads

Over time, the Skipper New Generation has been appreciated by all those who have had to carry loads up and down stairs and has made history in the field of electric stair climbers. The weight is transported “lying down” on the stairs, so the Skipper New Generation serves as a perfect sack truck and is particularly suitable for moving even very high loads, the size of which would cause difficulties when transported upright.

The Skipper New Generation has independent caterpillar tracks that can turn in the tightest of spaces. The weight is completely transferred to the stairs without leaving any marks. Operation is via a joystick and the operator can change the direction of the crawlers at any time. If there is not enough space at height, this is no longer a problem, with the new Skipper New Generation stair bag truck there is always a solution.

Electric stair crawler

The special, floor-protecting electric stair caterpillar of this stair climber for load transport allows driving on all surfaces, even on untreated ones. In addition, the weight is always transferred to the stairs so that the user does not have to keep it balanced.

On request

Various accessories available for all Skipper New Generation stair climbers.

Accessories for doors and window frames
Doors and window frames can be blocked both right and left, and they are held in a corner position so that it is easy to pass even on narrow stairs, but the weight always remains centred on the stair climber.

Carrying surface with anti-tipper
Particularly suitable for transporting heavy material. Fitted with an electric piston which offers two advantages:

  • At the beginning of the stair run, it allows the load to be automatically shifted to the lying position.
  • On the landing, when the load is in the vertical position and kept balanced by the user, the open electric piston provides protection against the load tipping over.

Lifting surface with lift and anti-tip device.
These are two accessories in one. This accessory is very useful when transporting large materials on narrow landings, as it allows the load to be electrically lifted up to 42 cm to skip the first step of the next flight of stairs, creating the space to turn. This accessory also features the convenient electric anti-tip piston.

Customisable wing
The standard load-bearing surface can be customised to meet the customer’s needs.

Trolley base
This accessory allows the load to rest on four wheels, making it suitable for manually transporting loads on bumpy surfaces, such as roads, pavements, gravel, etc. When the stairs are reached, the trolley base allows the load to climb the stairs directly, without wasting time and without any effort.

Aluminium ramp
The aluminium ramp is useful for loading or unloading goods directly onto the trolley with Skipper. Dimensions of the standard ramp: 67 cm x 8 cm x 200 cm. Ramps with customised dimensions can be manufactured on request.

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Service & Consulting

We attach great importance to excellent service and technical support for your products. As the only certified Zonzini partner in Germany, we can therefore offer you the best after-sales service (maintenance, repairs and spare parts) for all your Zonzini stair climbers.

Technical specifications Stair Climber Skipper New Generation

Skipper New Generation 160Skipper New Generation 300Skipper New Generation 400
Load Capacity160 kg300 kg400 kg
Max. Height2.151 mm2.151 mm2.151 mm
Height with folded bracket1.269 mm1.269 mm1.269 mm
Width533 mm533 mm533 mm
Platform dimensions W x D397 x 250 mm397 x 250 mm397 x 250 mm
Rangeca. 1000 Stepsca. 7500 Stepsca. 500 Steps
Battery24 V / 20 Ah24 V / 20 Ah24 V / 20 Ah
Charger220 V220 V220 V

Standard equipment

Skipper is always equipped with one strap to tie the load, one battery pack provided as standard, one automatic battery charger 220/24V, andone standard base measuring 37.5 cm x 13.5 cm depth.