Skillful tipping

Tipping skips have become an integral part of everyday working life in many companies. They are used for collecting a wide range of bulk waste materials, such as scrap, chips, broken glass, rubbish, granulates, etc. Without a doubt, the self-tipping skip is among the classic attachments for forklift trucks, as it can be used for various tasks as chip tipper or scrap tipper. We provide a comprehensive range of self-tipping skips:

Bartels Mini tipper
Mini tipper
Bartels Self-tipping skip light
Self-tipping skip light
Bartels Self-tipping skip
Self-tipping skip
Bartels Self-tipping skips with side protection
Self-tipping skip with side protection
Bartels Hinged Bottom SkipHinged Bottom Skip
Bartels Compact tipping skipCompact tipping skip
Bartels Chip skip
Chip skip

From the mini self-tipping skip with 150 litre capacity to large-scale 2.000 litre versions with load capacities of up to 3.000 kg. Thanks to the roller mechanism, the self-tipping skip tips automatically after unlocking and is completely emptied. After emptying, the carriage swivels back automatically and locks into place.

Besides our self-tipping skip, our range includes compact tipping skips, chip skips and hinged bottom skips.

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