Long-bar racks for long-bar storage – success in full length

Long materials neatly arranged
We produce customized rack systems for long goods. No matter if tubes, profiles, steel bars or wooden strips – for each long material we deliver the individually suitable storage solution. For example, you can get custom-made cantilever racks, honeycomb racks or our versatile roll-out rack. The long-bar racking is extendable and makes loading by hall crane even easier. To make your material storage as space-saving and efficient as possible, we are constantly developing our solutions.

Bartels managing director Sebastian Krayenborg:
“Our racking systems are very versatile and are designed and produced according to the requirements of each customer. We have already produced our roll-out shelving for 70 meters, but also for 3 meters long goods, for indoor and outdoor use”.

Excess length and save space at the same time?

This is no problem with the Bartels roll-out shelf. At Bartels, long goods are stored systematically and with safety in mind. For example, our TÜV-certified shelf inspectors offer annual safety inspections.

Our range of shelving and storage systems for long goods is wide. We attach great importance to a robust and solid construction in all our racking solutions. The wishes of our customers are manifold and range from long goods racks to profile racks, bar racks, bar remnant racks or bar racks.

Nature is the model for the honeycomb racking, whose cassettes lie in honeycombs and can be pulled out up to 100% by means of a forklift or hydraulic roll-out stand, depending on the design.

Bartels also offers the long goods pallet, which allows bulky goods to be stacked safely and space-savingly.

Long material storage - Bartels Roll-Out RackRoll-Out Rack
Long material storage - Bartels Roll-Out Rack with manual extraction
Roll-Out Rack with manual extraction
Long material storage - Bartels Drawer Rack for lengthy goodsDrawer Rack for lengthy goods
Long material storage - Bartels Long Material palletLong Material Pallet

Long material storage - Bartels Honeycomb RackHoneycomb Rack
Long material storage - Honeycomb Rack StarrHoneycomb Rack Starr
Long material storage - Bartels Cassette Drawer RackCassette Drawer Rack
Automatic-Tower for Long Material StorageAutomatic-Tower for Long Material Storage

One arm length ahead

Our racking systems such as the telescopic cantilever rack or the extendable cantilever rack are used worldwide.

Our sales representatives will also be happy to visit you on site!

If you want to store special materials or if special spatial conditions have to be taken into account, our technical consultants will be happy to create individual concepts for you.