Movex modulares All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Heavy Duty

Track-O Heavy Duty – Modular All Terrain Track System

Capacity up to 6.000 lb (2.722 kg) at 30°

The Modular All Terrain Track System Track-O Heavy Duty (HD) is a heavy materials handling device that offers a load-bearing capacity of nearly 6.000 lb (2.722 kg). The HD load carrier is essential in any environments where heavy loads must be handled in places that are hard to access. This model can climb slopes with an angle of inclination of nearly 30 degrees. This model is not designed to climb stairs unless ramps are used.

The Track-O Heavy Duty tracked vehicle is designed to transport heavy loads with a good stand-alone capability, ideal for construction sites, transporting steel beams or industrial equipment. A support platform can be added to this model according to your specifications, etc.

The Greengo handling system, the innovative hoisting device or any other equipment and tools to make materials handling easier can be added to this device.

Track-O Heavy Duty - Modular All Terrain Track System
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Advantages of the modular All Terrain Track System Track-O Heavy Duty

  • Carries heavy loads up to 6.000 lb (2.722 kg)
  • Climb slopes with an angle of 30°
  • Ideal and versatile for both indoors/outdoors heavy duty applications on flats surfaces

Technical Specifications

Track-O Heavy Duty
Frame (with rollers)Steel
Length60 5/8 in (1.540 mm)
Width27 in (686 mm)
Height13 5/8 in (346 mm)
Weight1.110 lb (503 kg)
Ground clearance2 3/4 in (70 mm)
Turning diameter73 in (1.854 mm)
Load bearing capacity (inclined surface)2.500 lb at 30° (1.135 kg at 30°)
Load bearing capacity (on stairs)N/A
Load bearing capacity (flat surface)6.000 lb (2.722 kg)
Max. speed (flat surface)66 ft/min (20 m/min)
Gearbox ratio75:1 (x2)
Motor power2 PS (x2

Power Features

Track-O Heavy Duty
Batteries Amperage/Voltage2 x 115 Amp at 12 volts
Charger1 x Integrated AC-DC
Battery Pack Amperage115 Amp
Operating voltage24 V DC
Continous Run-time3 hours approx. (without load, flat surface)
Battery Recharging Time7,5 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Heavy Duty

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

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