Movex modulares Treppensteiger Raupensystem Track-O 75

Track-O Single-Track 75 – Modular Stair Climber Platform

Capacity on stairs up to 1.100 lb (503 kg)

The stair climber platform Track-O Single-Track 75 is the ideal handling solution when there is no portable elevator. This model makes it possible to carry heavy or cumbersome materials on the stairs. This is our first model and the lightest. Its length gives it great stability. This portable elevator has retractable electric wheels that allow you to turn the lift manually simply by pushing it.

TheTrack-O Single-Track 75 has a load bearing capacity of nearly 1.100 lb (503 kg) on stairs with an angle of inclination of nearly 40 degrees.

The stair climbing platform Track-O Single-Track 75 is ideal to transport or move vending machines, safes, pianos, pool tables, photocopiers, file cabinets, wire reels, barrels, etc.

The unit can be expanded with a wide range of options.

Track-O Single-Track 75 modular stair climber track system
Convince yourself of our Track-O Single-Track 75 modular stair climber track system – More Pictures

Advantages of the Track-O Single-Track 75 modular stair climber track system

  • First designed model of the Track-O product range
  • Narrow width
  • Single track
  • Our lightest model, 575 lb (261 kg)
  • Very stable because of its length
  • Equipped with electric casters (optional)

Technical Specifications

Track-O Single-Track 75
Length76 in (1.930 mm)
Width30 in (762 mm)
Height12 9/16 in (319 mm)
Weight575 lb (261 kg)
Ground clearance2 1/16 in (52 mm)
Turning diameter77 1/2 in (1.969 mm)
Load bearing capacity (inclined surface)1.100 lb at 40° (503 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (on stairs)1.100 lb at 40° (503 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (flat surface)1.500 lb (680 kg)
Max. speed (flat surface)22 ft/min (6,7 m/min)
Gearbox ratio200:1 (x1)
Motor power¾ HP (x1)

Power Features

Track-O Single-Track 75
Batteries Amperage/Voltage2 x 85 Amp at 12 volts
Charger1 x Integrated AC-DC
Battery Pack Amperage85 Amp
Operating voltage24 V DC
Continous Run-timeVaries according to the operating conditions (Contact us for more information)
Battery Recharging Time5,5 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Single-Track 75

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

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