Movex modulares Treppensteiger Raupensystem Track-O Twin-Track 47

Track-O Twin-Track 47 – Modular Stair Climber Platform

Capacity on stairs up to 600 lb (272 kg)

The Track-O Twin-Track 47 is a Stair Climber Platform specially designed to maneuver in confined spaces. The Track-O Twin-Track 47 has a load bearing capacity of nearly 600 lb (272 kg) on stairs. This model is used mainly when staircase landings are narrow or where there is limited­ room to move. The Stair Climber can climb stairs with an angle of inclination of nearly 40 degrees. Easily moved from one place to another on a trailer or in the box of a transportation vehicle.

The unit can be expanded with a wide range of options.

If you need a higher final speed of your track system the 47HS (High Speed) version is the right one for you.

Track-O Twin-Track 47 modular stair climber track system
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Advantages of the Track-O Twin-Track 47 modular stair climber track system

  • Climbs loads up to 600 lb (272 kg) on stairs at 40°
  • Easily crosses standard door thresholds
  • Ideal for small staircases with landing areas
  • Turning diameter of 53 1/2 in (1.359 mm)
  • Fits in a pick-up box or trailer

Technical Specifications

Track-O Twin-Track 47
Length47 1/2 in (1.207 mm)
Width30 in (762 mm)
Height14 5/16 in (364 mm)
Weight708 lb (322 kg)
Ground clearance2 1/4 in (57 mm)
Turning diameter53 1/2 in (1.359 mm)
Load bearing capacity (inclined surface)600 lb at 40° (272 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (on stairs)600 lb at 40° (272 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (flat surface)2.200 lb (1.000 kg)
Max. speed (flat surface)44 ft/min (13,5 m/min)
Max. speed (flat surface) HS66 ft/min (20 m/min)
Gearbox ratioEither 104:1 (x2) or HS (High Speed) 75:1 (x2)
Motor powerEither 3/4 PS (x2) or HS (High Speed) 1 PS (x2)

Power Features

Track-O Twin-Track 47
Batteries Amperage/Voltage2 x 85 Amp at 12 volts
Charger1 x Integrated AC-DC
Battery Pack Amperage85 Amp
Operating voltage24 V DC
Continous Run-time3 hours approx. (without load, flat surface)
Battery Recharging Time5,5 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Twin-Track 47

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

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