Movex All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Cross-Country Utlity

Track-O Cross-Country Utility

Capacity up to 1.600 lb (725 kg) at 40°

The Track-O Cross-Country Utility is  specially designed for the requirements of the electrical distribution industry. This model makes it possible to transport transformers in hard to access places with minimal ground disruption and install and/or replace them with the winch.

This tool is very safe and very stable, making it possible to move transformers weighing nearly 1.800 lb (816 kg). The Cross-Country Utility has a runtime of 4 hours and makes no noise. It can cross obstacles such as ravines, water, snow, mud. It is equipped with a box to hold tools, such as a lamp, drill, or any small tool needed by lineworkers.

If you need a higher final speed of your track system the Track-O Cross-Country Utility HS (High Speed) version is the right one for you.

Track-O Cross-Country Utility
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Advantages of the Track-O Cross-Country Utility

  • Designed for outdoors works
  • Very stable on rough terrain, on snow, mud, sand, and in shallow water
  • Transport and replacement of power transformers
  • Clearance of 9 in (230 mm) for obstacles or pitfalls
  • Climbs slopes of 40°
  • Continuous run-time ranging from 2,5 hrs to 4 hrs
  • Electrical converter that makes it possible to connect tools that operate on 110 volts

Technical Specifications

Track-O Cross Country Utility
Length72 1/4 in (1.835 mm)
Width30 3/16 in (767 mm)
Height48 7/8 in (1.241 mm)
Weight1.583 lb (718 kg)
Ground clearance9 in (229 mm)
Turning diameter76 1/2 in (1.943 mm)
Load bearing capacity (inclined surface)1.600 lb at 40° (725 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (on stairs)N/A
Load bearing capacity (flat surface)1.800 lb (816 kg)
Max. speed (flat surface)44 ft/min (13,5 m/min)
Max. speed (flat surface) HS164 ft/min (50 m/min)
Gearbox ratioEither 104:1 (x2) or HS (High Speed) 50:1 (x2)
Motor powerEither 1 PS (x2) or HS (High Speed) 3,25 PS (x2)

Power Features

Track-O Cross-Country
Batteries Amperage/Voltage2 x 130 Amp at 12 volts
Charger1 x Integrated AC-DC
Battery Pack Amperage130 Amp
Operating voltage24 V DC
Continous Run-time4 hours approx. (without load, flat surface)
Battery Recharging Time10,5 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Cross-Country

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

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