Movex modulares All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Cross Country

Track-O Cross-Country – Modular All Terrain Load Carrier

Capacity up to 1.600 lb (725 kg) at 40°

The Track-O Cross-Country is a modular all terrain load carrier specially designed for outside work and makes it possible to travel across areas where a traditional vehicle can not go. The Cross Country will work in harsh conditions, including snow, mud, sand and is capable of carrying loads on steps.

It has a clearance of nearly 9 inches (230 mm) that enables it to negotiate obstacles or bumps such as stones, tree stumps, etc. The Track-O Cross-Country can easily climb 40 degree slopes with a load capacity up to 1.600 lb (725 kg). This model can be adapted to the customer’s needs by adding a crane attachment or other accessory. Runtime is nearly 2,5 hours and can be improved by adding another battery.

If you need a higher final speed of your track system the Track-O Cross-Country HS (High Speed) version is the right one for you.

If you would also like to climb stairs with(925 lb (420 kg) at 40° and a reduced ground clearance of 6 7/8 in (174 mm) does not matter, the Cross-Country is also available with the matching flat undercarriage.

Track-O Cross-Country modular stair climber track system
Convince yourself of our Track-O Cross-Country modular stair climber track system – More Pictures

Advantages of the Track-O Cross-Country modular stair climber track system

  • Designed for outdoors works and hard-to-reach areas
  • Clearance of 9 in (230 mm) for obstacles or pitfalls
  • Climbs slopes of 40°
  • Continuous run-time ranging from 2,5 hrs

Technical Specifications

Track-O Cross Country
Length72 1/4 in (1.835 mm)
Width30 3/16 in (767 mm)
Height 21 1/2 in (546 mm)
Weight1.091 lb (495 kg)
Ground clearance9 in (229 mm)
Turning diameter76 1/2 in (1.943 mm)
Load bearing capacity (inclined surface)1.600 lb at 40° (725 kg at 40°)
Load bearing capacity (on stairs)N/A
Load bearing capacity (flat surface)2.292 lb (1.039 kg)
Max. speed (flat surface)44 ft/min (13,5 m/min)
Max. speed (flat surface) HS164 ft/min (50 m/min)
Gearbox ratioEither 104:1 (x2) or HS (High Speed) 50:1 (x2)
Motor powerEither 1 PS (x2) or HS (High Speed) 3,25 PS (x2)

Power Features

Track-O Cross-Country
Batteries Amperage/Voltage2 x 130 Amp at 12 volts
Charger1 x Integrated AC-DC
Battery Pack Amperage130 Amp
Operating voltage24 V DC
Continous Run-time2,5 hours approx. (without load, flat surface)
Battery Recharging Time8,5 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Cross-Country

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

Service & Consulting

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