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The Canadian company Movex Innovation Inc., based in Quebec, develops transport equipment that is used in the construction, mining, petrochemical, landscaping and plant engineering sectors, among others.

Movex develops and produces highly versatile, robust and reliable equipment. The focus is on the construction industry, so Movex is an excellent addition to the existing range of stair-climbing transport equipment. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of all-terrain climbing systems, such as the Track-O Twin-Track 66 crawler system, which has made Movex famous worldwide.

Movex All-Terrain Climbing System – The modular track system

The modular track systems, for example the Track-O Twin-Track 66 overcomes stairs with an angle of inclination of up to 40 degrees and carries up to 500 kg of additional load. Moreover, with a turning circle of 178 cm, it requires little room to move. The tracks can cope with any surface. They grip on snow, mud, sand or gravel. The various basic models, which meet the customer’s needs, can be supplemented with, among other things, a jib crane with a reach of 5 m, a lifting table for picking up larger implements, a tipping trough for bulk material and waste, as well as many other extensions. The Greengo lifting system with a wide range of additional options deserves special mention.

Basically, all devices can be operated via cable remote control, but for maximum flexibility, the electric crawler system can also be controlled wirelessly and via camera. It thus offers a wide range of applications in construction and industry with the highest possible level of safety.

In addition to this and other modular stair-climbing crawler systems, Bartels also sells other equipment for Movex for rough terrain, such as the Track-O Minidozer M-27. The flat electric vehicle enables safe and emission-free work even in confined spaces that are difficult to reach. The Minidozer is ideal for remote-controlled clearing work under conveyor belts in surface and underground mining, ore processing, work in tunnel systems, box culverts and drainage systems, pumping stations and much more.

Check out the different Movex systems

Movex modulares Treppensteiger Raupensystem Track-O Twin-Track 47
Movex modulares Treppensteiger Raupensystem Track-O Twin-Track 66
Movex modulares Treppensteiger Raupensystem Track-O 75
Movex modulares All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Heavy Duty
Movex modulares All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Cross Country
Movex All Terrain Raupensystem Track-O Cross-Country Utlity
Track-O Minidozer M-27
Track-O Minidozer M-48
Track-O Mini Crawler Crane M7 on Track-O Twin-Track 66
Track-O Greengo lifting system with Waste Container

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