Pallet Racking Drawers – With the pallet extension from pallet rack to drawer rack

Variable solutions for pallets
We supply you with pallet racks with different load capacities – according to your individual storage needs. Light to heavy loads can be stored safely and clearly arranged. In addition, our pallet drawers transform every standard pallet rack into a drawer rack. The drawers are suitable for almost all applications, loads and pull-out capacities. In addition, Bartels offers you various accessories to make your pallet racks even more variable and safe.

Bartels managing director Sebastian Krayenborg:
“Each pallet rack is adapted to the individual needs of each customer. Our pallet drawers, which can be pulled out on both sides, offer particularly versatile possibilities. They can be loaded at the back, for example, while serving is done at the front”.

We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for you!

The shelf drawer for mounting on cross beams in standard pallet racks or directly on the floor.
With the shelf drawer a highly flexible and economical storage solution can be offered. With it, a standard pallet rack can be transformed into a one-sided pull-out drawer rack in no time at all. It is suitable for almost all applications, loads and pull-out capacities.

The basic model is suitable for loads between 300 and 1,000 kg and is available with 65 to 70 percent and 100 percent extension.

We offer drawers that can be pulled out on both sides. They can be loaded from the back and operated from the front. In order to be able to adjust the drawer width optimally to the shelf rack of our customers, the height of the crossbars and the distance between crossbars must be specified when ordering.

The big advantage of the drawer rack with one-sided pull-out is a comfortable and ergonomic access to the pallets. The load area is accessible from three sides. In addition, there is no need for a pallet truck or forklift.

Bartels pole mounted pallet racking drawers   Pole Mounted Drawers
bartels rack mounted pallet racking drawersRack Mounted Drawers
bartels floor mounted pallet racking drawersFloor Mounted Drawers

With very low overall height for direct mounting on pallet racks

  • The number of removal places can be increased, since hardly any free height is required under the upper crossbar (more pull-out elements compared to crossbar mounted units).
  • Maximum ergonomic access to your goods, as the load area is accessible from 3 sides
  • Shoulders and back are less stressed.
  • Wide range of models for almost all applications, loads and pull-out capacities.
  • Pull-out stops are supplied loose for the front and rear part.

The pallet pull-outs are available in five standard colors and, on request, in special colors at an extra charge. They are based on a solid steel construction and have ball bearing guides. The fixing material is included in the delivery. The optionally available automatic locking system ensures greater safety and less damage if several pull-outs are used in one compartment. With the automatic locking system, an overload of the front crossbar can be prevented.