Pallet Racking Drawers


The pallet racking drawers transform pallet racking systems into drawer racks.

The shelf drawer by Bartels turns the pallet rack into a‚ quick-change artist and into a drawer rack with one-sided pull-out in no time.

The pallet racking drawers offer a highly flexible and efficient storage solution. This allows turning a marketable pallet rack into a unilateral extendible drawer rack in no time. It is suitable for almost all applications, loads and extension capacities.

The basic model is suitable for loads of 300 – 1.000 kg and is available with 65 – 70% or 100% drawer extension.

Bartels pole mounted pallet racking drawers   Pole Mounted Drawers  
bartels rack mounted pallet racking drawersRack Mounted Drawers
bartels floor mounted pallet racking drawersFloor Mounted Drawers
Pullout Units - Pole mounted

We offer pole mounted drawers that can be suspended in racks with low heights. These will save you significant compartment height because the drawers require no additional traverse and can be installed directly on the pallet rack frame.

Pullout Unit - Rack mounted

The rack mounted drawers are ideal for already existing pallet racks. This drawer can easily be placed on an existing traverse and then, to secure it, screwed to a cross beam in the back.

Pullout Unit - floor mounted

Also available are floor mounted drawers to install directly, free-standing on the floor. Their support wheels at the front guarantee a high extraction capacity and make them easily maneuverable.

We offer drawers that can be pulled out from both sides. This system can be loaded from the rear side and operated from the front. To perfectly fit the drawer width to your rack, please specify the exact cross beam height and spacing when placing your order.

The major advantage of the drawer rack with unilateral extract is a convenient and ergonomic access to the pallets. The load area can be reached from three sides. This system can be easily accessed without lifting trolleys or fork lifts.

The pallet racking drawers are provided in five standard colors but are, on request at additional cost, also in available in custom colors. The drawers are made of a solid steel construction and are equipped with runners mounted on ball bearings. The materials needed for installation are included in the delivery. The optionally available automatic locking system ensures more safety and less damage should you wish to use multiple drawers in one compartment. The locking system prevents the overloading of the front crossbeam.

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