Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid

Load capacity 160, 300 & 400 kg

Since 1938 tradition and innovation have been very important to us here at Bartels. This we share with the Italian company Zonzini, who has followed these principles for over 40 years.

All potential buyers and users of stair climbers benefit from our collaboration with Zonzini since 2015. Our combined experience in this field promises a lasting and successful cooperation. All service and maintenance of Zonzini stair climbers are carried out by Bartels as well. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.
Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid
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Advantages of the Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid

  • Suitable for use on all surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, and even on fragile ground.
  • The trolley does not have to be tilted since the load is always balanced uprightly.
  • The crawler tracks are operated by detachable joystick.
  • The weight is always distributed evenly on the stair which makes it unnecessary to keep the trolley balanced manually.
  • Rotating by 360° is possible.

Since 09.2021, the revised Domino Automatic Plasmoid is available with the following new features

  • The Domino Automatic Plasmoid recalibrates the platform for each load. This prevents the stair climber from tilting too much or too little. This significantly increases the safety of the user.
  • The rubber tracks have been revised and are now 7 cm wide. For even more grip on the steps.
  • The climbing speed has also been increased. The Domino Automatic Plasmoid is now faster on the steps, as well as when turning on the spot.
  • The joystick has been completely redesigned. Accurate information on battery status (%) as well as operating time is now directly accessible.
  • The joystick is equipped with a longer (2.40 m), extendable cable. This enables comfortable operation at a distance, even with very high or long loads.
  • A new emergency stop switch brings the stair climber to an immediate halt if necessary.
  • The electronic brake on the Domino Automatic Plasmoid can be released by pressing a combination of buttons. The stair climber can then be slowly pushed down the steps.
  • The stair climber can now also be moved in manual mode.
  • The electronic unit was completely rebuilt in the course of the individual calibration and now shines in a new design.

The Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid by Zonzini can be used on all surfaces, even on fragile ones, both indoors and outdoors. The operation by joystick, which is optionally detachable from the handle, allows the operator to move and even steer heavy loads effortlessly without having direct contact to the device.

Domino Automatic Plasmoid by Zonzini climbs up and down stairs completely independently. The load always rests completely on the stairs.


A variety of accessories is available for the Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid. Our consultants will gladly assist you. Please send us a message.

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Service & Consulting

We attach great importance to excellent service and technical support for your products. As the only certified Zonzini partner in Germany, we can therefore offer you the best after-sales service (maintenance, repairs and spare parts) for all your Zonzini stair climbers.

Technical specifications

Domino Automatic Plasmoid 160Domino Automatic Plasmoid 300Domino Automatic Plasmoid 400
Load capacity 160 kg300 kg400 kg
Measurements D x W x H 950 x 536 x 1.142 mm950 x 536 x 1.142 mm950 x 536 x 1.142 mm
Platform Measurements W x D 500 x 620 mm500 x 620 mm500 x 620 mm
Machine weight 45,8 kg45,8 kg45,8 kg
Weight (machine & battery)65 Kg65 Kg65 Kg
Max. stair inclination 45°45°45°
Range1.000 Steps750 Steps500 Steps
Speed on Stairs5 sek/m7 sek/m10 sek/m
Battery 24V/20Ah24V/20Ah24V/20Ah

Standard Equipment

Stair Climber Domino Automatic Plasmoid always come with 1 belt for securing the load, 1 standard battery pack, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24 V, 2 swivel wheels for manual movement on level surfaces and 1 standard load-bearing base 50 cm width x 62 cm depth.