Track-O Minidozer M-27

Track-O Minidozer M-48

Remote Electric vehicle for confined spaces

A safe, heavy duty, low maintenance solution for places where a standard vehicle won’t go.

Based on Movex exclusive technology, the Minidozer model, has been specifically designed to operate in confined spaces. It provides a safe and simple solution for picking up and transporting materials to hard to reach places. With an external charger and a runtime of nearly 10 hours. The Minidozer is equipped with interchangeable batteries that enable it to work continuously over several work shifts. With a low profile, this model offers a very good power/runtime ratio.

The Track-O Minidozer M-48 is ideal for clean-up operations under conveyor belts in aboveground and underground mining, ore crushing and concentration plants, clean-up operations of state and federal DOT, municipalities, cities and counties highways underground tunnels, box culverts and drainage systems, pumping stations and other irrigation projects and much more…

If you need a higher final speed of your track system the Minidozer M-48 HS (High Speed) version is the right one for you.

Track-O Minidozer M-48
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Advantages of the Track-O Minidozer M-48

  • Ideally suited for works in confined spaces
  • All electric drive system, environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint
  • Improved operator’s health and safety
  • High energy conversion rate of 80%, minimum heat radiation and noise
  • No fan airborne dust, no diesel fuel leaks and toxic gas emissions
  • No diesel fuel expense and no diesel engine overheat
  • Significant lower downtime, maintenance, repair and service cost
  • Increased crew productivity and safety
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Ease of use
  • Continuous run-time of 8 to 10 hours
  • Adjustable ground clearance

Technical Specifications

Track-O Minidozer M-48
Length110 in (2.794 mm)
Width48 in (1.219 mm)
Height22 in (559 mm)
Height (bucket to maximum)58 in (1.473 mm)
Weight3.340 lb (1.560 kg)
Turning diameter163 in (4.140 mm)
Lifting Capacity1.170 lb (531 kg)
Bucket Capacity0.175 yd3 (0.133 m3)
Max. speed (flat surface)66 ft/min (20.1 m/min)
Max. speed (flat surface) HS153 ft/min (47 m/min)
Gearbox RatioEither 75:1 (x2) or HS (High Speed) 50:1 (x2)
Motor PowerEither 2 PS (x2) or HS (High Speed) 3,25 PS (x2)
Hydraulic Motor Power (Bucket)2 PS (x1)

Power Features

Track-O Minidozer M-48
Batteries Amperage/Voltage8 x 435 Amp at 6 Volts
Charger1 x AC-DC external
Battery Pack Amperage435 Amp
Operating voltage24 VDC
Continuous Run-time10 hours approx. (no load, flat surface)
Battery Recharging Time14 hours approx.
ControlStandard wired, optional wireless

Options for the Track-O Minidozer M-48

Technical Specifications of the options as PDF

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