Hinged bottom skip

Lift, lower, lift – done!

The bottom hinged skips by Bartels have the proven automatic trigger, that means that no cable pull is required. The hinged bottom opens by simply lowering it onto the container edge. This helps to open containers that are filled to the brim.
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Advantages of the hinged bottom skip

  • The skip with the smallest possible outer dimensions at the largest possible capacity: space-saving, fits under low machine chutes and into narrow aisles
  • One-man handling: Fully-automatic opening and closing of the drop bottom without the forklift driver leaving their seat
  • Emptying safely and quickly controlled by driver
  • Stackable: saves space during storage (not possible with fixed and free castors)
  • Minimum fork length: 1.000 mm (500 l) , 1.100 mm (750/1.000 l), 1.200 mm (1.500/2.000 l)
  • Can be picked up with forklift or lift truck, or rolled with fixed and free castors.

Individual, custom-made hinged bottom skips

If you need to transport special materials or certain spatial requirements must be met, we can respond to your special wishes in a flexible manner. Our sales representatives are also available for on-site consultation. Our engineers will be happy to create individual concepts for you. To specify your request you may use our inquiry form.

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Options for hinged bottom skips

  • Lifting eyes
  • Half-hinged lid
  • Drop bottom with centring walls
  • Various colours / custom paint coats in all RAL colours