95 Degree Pallet Inverter

The 95 degree pallet inverter clamps the load with a guide plate and turns it by 95 degrees.

This equipment is loaded by (electric) lift trolley or forklift at ground level. The 95 degree pallet inverter is ideal for containers, such as crates, frozen products, and boxes. The pallet inverter is manufactured in three different sizes. Options for operator control and workplace safety are available.

Turning degree 95 degree and more, load capacity 1.500 kg, spacing 1.090-2.160 mm
95 degree pallet inverter
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  • Quick and easy exchange of pallets
  • Loadable at ground level
  • Easier access to damaged goods
  • Cost reduction of rental pallets
  • Simple reloading from wood to plastic or aluminum pallets
  • Increased productivity


We offer all models of the 95 degree pallet inverter fitted for cold storage up to -40 degree C.

All equipment can be custom-made according to your requirements – our consultants would gladly assist you.