Self-tipping skip with side protection

The large tipping skip with protective roller runners

The tipper has various uses in everyday working life, for example as tipping and transport carriage for waste materials such as scrap, or as transport device for bulk materials such as small parts or chips. The chip skip has a large volume and high load capacity. The Bartels tipping skip that is produced in-house is self-tipping, self-raising and self-locking – and pays off itself.

Thanks to the automatic trigger, the driver of the forklift truck can tip the container even from great heights without the need for an additional cable pull or similar device and does not need to leave the forklift truck.
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Advantages of the tipper with side protection

  • Ideal solution for collecting and transporting heavy production materials and operational waste
  • Thanks to the roller runners there is no impact on the lifting frame of the forklift truck when emptying the container
  • Roller runners are protected by special side cladding
  • Chain safety device protects container from sliding of the fork


Tipping and locking is done automatically and the driver does not need to leave the forklift truck. This leads to less effort and more time. Another advantage is that when quickly and completely emptying the container using the roller runners there is no impact on the lifting frame of the forklift truck.



  • Stabiler Grundrahmen aus Stahlblech mit Querverstärkungen
  • Mulde aus Stahlblech mit umlaufender Randverstärkung
  • Standardfarbe: lackiert blau RAL 5012, Grundrahmen rot RAL 2002.
  • Auf Wunsch: Sonderabmessungen und Sonderlackierung in allen RAL-Farben möglich – bitte anfragen!

Individual, custom-made self-tipping skips with side protection

If you need to transport special materials or certain spatial requirements must be met, we can respond to your special wishes in a flexible manner. Our sales representatives are also available for on-site consultation. Our consulting engineer will create individual concepts for you. Contact us!

Options for tipper with side protection

  • Robust base frame made from sheet steel with cross bracing
  • Carriage made from sheet steel with surrounding reinforced edges
  • Standard colour: blue coating, RAL 5012; red base frame, RAL 2002
  • Per request: Custom dimensions and paint coats available in all RAL colours – please inquire!
  • Individual, custom-made tipping skip with side