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The concept was developed as a solution for accessing damaged 25 kg bags of ICI fertilizer on the bottom of an already loaded pallet. Unloading by hand is made unnecessary; instead the load can be rotated 180° or 95° to make the damaged bags on the pallet directly accessible. Damaged pallets can be just as easily replaced. In this context, the first machines were produced. For Payne Pallet Inverters this started decades of successful development.

Whether manufacturers, logistics companies or companies in the transport and storage business, a pallet turner is needed everywhere. Millions of pallets are constantly transported around the world. Where there are pallets, a pallet inverter, exchanger or changer is also needed.

We offer a range of standard machines, but also supply customised, free-standing machines that can be integrated into pallet stacking and destacking systems.

95º Pallet Inverter95º Pallet Inverter
180º Pallet Inverter180º Pallet Inverter
Pallet Changer Pallet XPallet Changer Pallet X
Pallet Magazine Palett MasterPallet Magazine Palett Master
DStacker Pallet MagazineDStacker Pallet Magazine
Pallet Stacking System PSS<Pallet Stacking System PSS
Mesh Box SGBSystem mesh box SGB

The new freestanding pallet turners are easy to operate via a “one touch” control. So there are no more manual handling problems. Your cargo is easily supported on up to three sides. Whether tetrapacks or glass bottles, your freight is protected!

All machines can be manufactured to your specific, individual requirements. Our consultants will gladly assist you!

Improve productivity and safety

  • Reload goods onto hygienically acceptable pallets in food or pharmaceutical facilities
  • Easy access to a defective pallets or damaged goods at the bottom of the stack
  • Exchange europallets for two half pallets
  • Exchange wood for plastic or metal pallets
  • Minimize the risk of defective pallets in automated warehouses
  • Easy exchange of pallets of different sizes in international export/import
  • Keep company-owned pallets and ship rental pallets