Storage systems for sheet metal storage – horizontal and vertical sheet storage

The perfect storage solution for every sheet
At Bartels you can get rack systems for sheet metal made to measure. We produce for your individual needs drawer racks with or without motor drive, board racks and various magazines for sheets. This way you bring order into your company, save space and ensure gentle material storage. Size, type of loading and load capacity are based on your individual requirements.

Bartels managing director Sebastian Krayenborg:
“Special construction is a standard service for us. Each rack system for sheet metal is unique and is designed and produced according to the requirements of the respective customer. For example, we have already built our drawer shelving system for sheet metal with a base area of 3 by 5.5 meters and a load capacity of 5.5 tons per pull-out”.

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Horizontal storage – racks for horizontal sheet storage

We provide you with various solutions for horizontal sheet metal storage. Thanks to our custom-made racks, you can use the full height of the hall and store a maximum of sheet metal and other sheet materials in a clear, clean and safe manner. The number of drawers depends on your individual needs. The drawers can be pulled out 100 percent. Loading and unloading are therefore very easy and are supported by a motor if required. Just as you wish!

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Bartels managing director Sebastian Krayenborg:
“We always want to provide you with the optimal storage solution for your individual needs. Therefore almost every Bartels shelf is a custom-made product. We are constantly developing our solutions further and find a space-saving solution even for bulky materials”.

Storage of sheets - Bartels Drawer Rack for sheetsDrawer Rack for sheets
Storage of sheets - Bartels Flat Pallet MagazineFlat Pallet Magazine
Storage of sheets - Bartels Compact SystemCompact System
Automatic-Tower for Storage of SheetsAutomatic-Tower for Storage of Sheets

Vertical storage – solutions for vertical sheet storage

At Bartels you will find various solutions for the vertical storage of sheet metal. They can be stored in a particularly space-saving manner in the vertical position. Sheets and other sheet materials are thus stowed very compactly, but are also individually accessible at any time. The solutions are also very light and cost-effective. Depending on the material, we provide you with different solutions, which we adapt to your wishes if necessary.

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Bartels managing director Sebastian Krayenborg:
“Solutions for sheet metal storage have a long tradition at Bartels. Our range of products in this segment has always evolved due to the different requirements of our customers, so that today we can really offer solutions for every need”.

Storage of sheets - Bartels Flat Pallet Rack VerticalFlat Pallet Rack Vertical
Storage of sheets - Bartels Flat Pallet Rack TRGFlat Pallet Rack TRG
Storage of sheets - Bartels Flat Pallet Rack TR
Flat Pallet Rack TR

Large selection in stock: From sheet metal storage to flat goods storage

Whether sheet metal storage, sheet metal storage with pull-out, vertical sheet metal storage or storage for metal sheets: the demands are versatile, our answer is clear: the perfect storage system.