PowerMate M-1B

Stair Climber PowerMate M-1B

Load capacity 680 kg

Stair Climber PowerMate M-1B
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Advantages of the stair climber PowerMate M-1B

  • Electronically monitored overload protection.
  • Felt covering to protect transported goods.
  • Particularly suitable for heavy loads.


  • High quality steel frame construction.
  • The ergonomic controls are located on top of the machine between the handles.
  • The average battery life is 4-7 years, depending on usage of the operator.
  • Wheels: 20,3 cm Ø wheels with puncture proof, non-marking tires.
  • Color: blue.

Standard Accessories

Comes with 1 battery and 1 battery charger and 1 reinforced nylon lashing belt.

Geeignet für

Ideal for

  • safes
  • control cabinets
  • boiler
  • large machines
  • furnaces and stoves
  • and many more…

The Stair Climber PowerMate M-1B is a heavy duty stair climber for the safe transport of heavy loads up to 680 kg. Made from heavy duty steel construction the M-1B is ideal for transporting heavy objects like safes, heaters, boilers, elevator equipment, and any other heavy or unwieldy load.

Just like the L-line the devices of the M-line feature electronically monitored overload protection and are equipped with felt pads to protect the load from damage and scratches.

The controls are strategically positioned on top of the machine directly between the handles. This guarantees permanent control over operation of the machine while working.

The PowerMate M-1B features long lasting batteries and puncture-proof, non-marking wheels.


There are a variety of accessories available for all PowerMate stair climbers. Our consultants will gladly assist you. Please Please contact us!

Technical specifications

Stair Climber PowerMate M-1B
Load capacity 680 kg
Measurements W x D x H 68,6 x 43,2 x 152,4 cm
Battery 12V/32Ah
Lifting height101,6 cm
Machine weight 74,8 kg

Load Specifications

One personTwo persons
Moving on flat surfaces295 kg680 kg
Stair climbing204 kg454 kg
Tailgate lifting204 kg454 kg