DStacker Pallet Magazine

For high pallet turnover during order picking

The DStacker Pallet Magazine is a revolutionary pallet delivery system that requires no electricity, pneumatics or hydraulics. Innovative technology that minimises the CO2 footprint.

DStacker Pallet Magazine
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Advantages of the DStacker Pallet Magazine

  • Optimal in order picking with walkie-riders/order pickers
  • Fast pallet output: 1 pallet every 10 seconds, depending on model
  • Designed for high pallet turnover
  • Easy and fast refilling with forklift truck
  • Reduced space requirement for pallet storage
  • Side windows allow visual inspection of the mechanics
  • Minimises hand and back injuries due to manual pallet handling
  • Eliminates damage from pallets falling to the floor

Quick removal of pallets

  1. The operator drives his order picker under the first pallet and lifts the entire stack minimally.
  2. The fork is then lowered again and the desired pallet is now already on the forks. The driver can now drive to the place of use.
  3. After leaving the order picker, the pallet magazine lowers the pallet stack back to the floor and is ready again for the next pallet pick.


Maximise the ceiling height of your warehouse, imagine stacking 50 pallets high without touching a single pallet? Minimise space requirements with the small footprint of a DStacker. 50 pallets can be loaded in an area of only 177 x 177 mm.

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